Dedicated To The Local Area

This Website is where I will be developing a webpage about Sault Ste. Marie from my own perspective. There is no linear objective in this project. other than furthering my own interests in Computer Science and expressing Sault Ste Marie in a positive light.


Rotary Park

A good Autumn day, I felt like going for a bike ride and stopped here to take a few snapshots of the small town scenery. There is no shortage of pictursque here, scenes like this encourage me to buy a better camera just to show others how beautifull it is here in the upper penninsula.

About The Author

My name is Max, and I have been a local in the area for many years. I am now an alumni of Lake superior state university and studied computer science there. Currently I am weighing my options to make the next move in the chapter that is the rest of my life.

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Lake Superior State University

A staple of the community that brings fresh faces to the local area as well as providing to our local economy

The Antlers

A local resteraunt where I have worked for nearly three years. Currently I have been assigned to take over the IT department.

Area News

Blog about happenings in Sault Ste. Marie with no rhyme or rhythm.

Things to do

Many locals have said there is nothing to do in the Soo, but lets break it down and discect the possibilities.


Pictures of the area that I have taken.